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Kayaking the Suwannee River


Kayakers on the Suwannee.

Cheryl Nichols and other Sierra Club members from Polk County paddle the upper reaches of the Suwannee River.

There’s no “Welcome to Florida” sign on the Suwannee River. No message from Gov. Rick Scott saying Florida is “Open for Business.” And that’s probably appropriate. We saw no signs of commerce and few signs of other people last weekend on a 42-mile kayak trip that started at the river’s source at the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia.

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The Man Who Built Marshall’s Inviting Front Porch

Bluegrass at Zuma

Crowds pack Zuma on Thursday nights to hear bluegrass.

Eleven years ago there came unto Marshall, N.C.,  a coffee shop. And it was called Zuma Coffee.  And the community looked upon Zuma and said it is good.

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Cruising to Carolina

Miata in South CarolinaAfter I left The Ledger in July, I had time for a trip I’d been wanting to take for several years. It seems several other people wanted to take it, too, and told me they enjoyed following my journeys on Facebook. Here are some highlights:

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