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A Global Podcast Turns Very Local

Strange things happened Friday. I listened to a podcast and art became reality in ways that involved a local musician and a sappy song that evoked an unexpected response in me.

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Hey, Lu – Shouldn’t I Have Your Music?

Hey, Lu —

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams

I hope you don’t mind the informal greeting. I figure we’re on a first-name basis since we exchanged tweets recently.

I’m listening to your new album now. I just bought it from iTunes. I don’t buy much music these days. Mostly I rent it. I subscribe to Beats Music, and for the most part its 20 million songs are enough to keep me happy. I know I don’t own the music, but it satisfies my musical curiosity, and the $10 a month it costs me is less than I’d probably spend to buy albums, many of which I’ll rarely return to after a few listens.

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