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I Still Can’t Believe I Missed These Concerts

For a week until everybody got sick of it, there was a Facebook/Twitter meme: List 10 concerts you had seen and let your followers guess which one was a lie. Here’s my variation: the 10 concerts I considered going to but couldn’t or didn’t — and I’m still kicking myself:

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Hey, Lu – Shouldn’t I Have Your Music?

Hey, Lu —

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams

I hope you don’t mind the informal greeting. I figure we’re on a first-name basis since we exchanged tweets recently.

I’m listening to your new album now. I just bought it from iTunes. I don’t buy much music these days. Mostly I rent it. I subscribe to Beats Music, and for the most part its 20 million songs are enough to keep me happy. I know I don’t own the music, but it satisfies my musical curiosity, and the $10 a month it costs me is less than I’d probably spend to buy albums, many of which I’ll rarely return to after a few listens.

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The Man Who Built Marshall’s Inviting Front Porch

Bluegrass at Zuma

Crowds pack Zuma on Thursday nights to hear bluegrass.

Eleven years ago there came unto Marshall, N.C.,  a coffee shop. And it was called Zuma Coffee.  And the community looked upon Zuma and said it is good.

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New Music Releases: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

It seemed like a reasonable question when I posed it 18 months ago: Since my favorite music service knows my tastes intimately and also knows what new albums are being released, couldn’t it alert me when music I would really like comes out?

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Cruising to Carolina

Miata in South CarolinaAfter I left The Ledger in July, I had time for a trip I’d been wanting to take for several years. It seems several other people wanted to take it, too, and told me they enjoyed following my journeys on Facebook. Here are some highlights:

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